Sponsorship Program (About) – BluntlyGear

Sponsorship Program (About)

Social Media Platforms:

We accept sponsorship requests from social media platforms such as:

  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vine
  • Twitter


  • Minimum 1K followers (Please provide screenshot and username)
  • Active audience & engagement with your followers
  • Account must be public

How to Apply:

Please send your requests to bluntlygear@gmail.com with the subject title as “Sponsorship request (Username)”. Please note that your request may not be noticed without the subject title as stated due to the high volume of emails we receive on a daily basis. Please include these details in the email:

  1. Contact Info
    • Name
    • Age
    • Country (just to get to know you)
  2. Type of social media platform that you will be promoting us
  3. Follower count (please screenshot this to us)
  4. Links/Usernames to your social media accounts
  5. Name of discount code that you want us to create for you


We will provide you a 10% discount code to promote our store as a sponsor. For EVERY 5 sales that are associated with your code (used during checkout on our shop), you will be able to choose ANY item from our shop to KEEP and REVIEW! Promote in whichever way you can to friends and family using the photos of our products!

Public Figures 

For public figures with over 50k followers on any social media platform, please email us at bluntlygear@gmail.com for more opportunities!