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Sponsorship Program (Getting Started)

You were chosen because you embody vaping culture and love your followers. Our mission is to help you in any way possible to grow your audience and 

spread the way vaping is used and all the positive benefits it brings.


Your Unique Referral Link

Click on the ‘Shorten link’ then paste the link to your Instagram profile for the best results!

How am I doing? Track how many people are clicking!

The Reporting tab lets you track how many people are clicking your links! Just fill in where you want the report to be sent to and the date range you want tracked. In just a couple seconds, you’ll be sent an email with the information.



Here’s the numbers, straight to your email :D





 Click the link below to find out how to attract more people to your Instagram posts!

Steps to Increase Commission (Part 2/3 of our Guide)